Floodtide by John Eacott makes music from the movement of tidal water. The sounds of the Thames Estuary live in the apt surroundings of a cruise liner terminal


Floodtide poster

As part of 2016’s Estuary Festival, composer John Eacott will be presenting his sonification work Floodtide, which makes music from the flow of tidal water. A submerged sensor in the Thames Estuary at Tilbury will gather information from tidal flow that is converted into musical notation and read from screens or mobile phones by musicians. Members of the Southend brass band, and those from Saint Nazaire, Brittany, amongst others, will ‘play the tide’ in the unusual concert venue of Tilbury Cruise Liner terminal.

Hear the tide of the Thames Estuary transformed into music, performed live in the unique venue of Tilbury Cruise terminal.

Floodtide - music from the tide
Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September, 12:50-1:50pm, Lower Landing Stage, Tilbury Cruise Liner Terminal, FREE.

Additionally on Sunday 18th September at 11.30am, John Eacott will be discussing the work in the Salon, Tilbury Cruise Terminal.

Source: Floodtide